Trimont Fire Department

Fire Department

The Trimont Fire Department consists of twenty-five volunteers trained in fire suppression, rescue, and other situations.  The Fire Department is well equipped with a pumper, two tankers, a rescue truck, a grass rig, and a boat.  Protection is provided to the City as well as portions of six townships. 

During Fire Prevention Week, the Fire Department visits the school to teach fire prevention to the students.  Other events include an annual pancake feed and a street dance that raise funds for additional equipment and training. 

The Trimont Fire Department belongs to three firefighter organizations;  Minnesota State Firefighters, South Central Firefighters, and the Middle Nine Firefighters Association.

As of this date, very little history has been found regarding the Trimont Fire Department.  Prior to 1959, there were actually two separate fire departments; one in Monterey, and one in Triumph.  When the two towns were joined together as Trimont, the departments united in to one as well.  If you have historical information to add, feel free to email it to us.