Trimont Community Building

Streets & Public Works Department

The City of Trimont is fortunate to have two very dedicated full-time employees in our Public Works Department.  Their responsibilities include street and park maintenance, managing the water and wastewater departments, snow removal, and many other duties too numerous to mention.  Be sure to thank them for their hard work next time you see them. 


Trimont's community building houses the Clerk's office, the Police Department office, and the City Shop.  In addition, a community room is available to rent at a cost of $40.  This room is also the location of council meetings which are held on the third Monday of each month.  Call if you have any questions regarding Council meeting schedules.

Residential sanitation service is provided to the City of Trimont exclusively by Waste Management.  Garbage is picked up each Tuesday beginning at 6:45 A.M.  Recycling is picked up every other Friday.  We recommend that you put your carts/containers out the night before so you are not missed.  Questions regarding this service may also be directed to Waste management at 855-250-8721.

For residents outside of the city limits, the county has set up a permanent recycling site so you can drop off your recycling at your convenience.  The site is located on 5th Avenue Northeast, to the north of Triumph State Bank, just behind the nursing home bus garage.  Questions regarding this service may also be directed to Hometown Sanitation at 1-877-545-4877. 

Cable Television is provided to the City by Bevcomm.  To get information regarding their services, call 1-800-476-1442.  Public service messages can be posted on the local channel that Bevcomm manages.  If you have a notice you would like to place on the local channel, you can drop it off at the city, or you can email it to them directly at marketing@telserco.com.  The City does not maintain the local channel, so questions or concerns should be directed to Bevcomm. 

If you are new to the area, other utility contacts for service include South Central Electric for electricity at 507-375-3164, Minnesota Energy Resources for natural gas at 1-800-303-0752, and Frontier Communications for phone and internet at 1-800-435-1504.