Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plan

The wellhead protection (WHP) plan for the City of Trimont was prepared in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Martin county Soil and Water Conservation District. It contains specific actions that the city will take to fulfill WHP requirements that are specified under Minnesota Rules, part 4720.5100 to 4720.5590. Also, the support that Minnesota state agencies, federal agencies, Martin County, and others will provide is presented to identify their roles in protecting the city’s drinking water supply. The plan is effective for 10 years after the approval date specified by MDH and the city is responsible for implementing its WHP plan of action. Furthermore, the city will evaluate the status of plan implementation at least every two-and-one-half years to identify whether its WHP plan is being implemented on schedule.

WHP Plan

A copy of the approved plan for viewing